Testing Aldi Make-up - Lacura Radiant Concealer Review


Okay, it's been a while since I lasted posted any make-up reviews so today we've got something that always has people intrigued, Aldi make-up. Aldi is well known for creating make-up dupes that come dangerously close to being exact copies of expensive make-up from some of the biggest beauty bands. We all love a bargain so recently when I was in-store I spotted a concealer that I instantly knew was a dupe for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and I had to pick it up. I will start by saying I've never tried the Nars concealer so this post won't be comparing the two it's simply a review of the concealer itself (also when I'm talking about the products being almost exact copies I'm referring to the packaging and not the ingredients etc).

The Aldi Radiant Concealer costs £3.99 and comes in three different shades, online it lists the colours as Light, Medium and Dark but mines is named Creme so I'm assuming in-store the shades come with names. The packaging is sleek, simple and feels like very nice quality especially considering the price, the tube of concealer itself is clear so you can instantly see the shade you have and keep track of how much product is left inside. It comes in a nice box making it feel more expensive than it is and there's a tiny hint of metallic purple which just adds something a little different and stops this looking like a direct copy of the Nars concealer. You get 6g of product which is pretty typical for a concealer and it comes with a traditional doe-foot applicator.

Okay, so let's talk about the product itself, this concealer is very creamy with that almost whipped texture, it feels quite thick but it blends easily into the skin. The first time I tried this concealer I wasn't too impressed, it wasn't terrible but it didn't WOW me and I felt it settled into fine lines very quickly so I threw it in my drawer and forgot about it for a week or two then I remembered I wanted to write up a review and decided I needed to test it out more. I've tried it another few times and I do think it settles into those fine lines but I do like it better than I did initially, it has a slightly matte finish which is nice and it is brightening but I would like a little more coverage because sometimes once I've blended it out with my beauty sponge I can see a little darkness peeking through (I do however have quite dark under eyes). The concealer does seem to layer pretty well and I think maybe I need to apply more to get the kind of the results I'm looking for so I will keep trying it out but overall I think this is a good concealer, not a great concealer. It's definitely grown on me since I first tried it out and I'll update you if I end up falling in love it, I do think it's worth trying out for £3.99!

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