Eyelash Extensions - Beginner's Guide

You probably don't know this but I'm actually a qualified lash technician, I did my training a few years back and never ended up using my qualification but recently I decided to go back and give it another go so I thought it might be interesting to talk about all things related to lash extensions.
To be more specific in this post I'll be sharing the different kinds of lash extensions available.

It all started with classic individual lashes which come in a range of different curls, lengths and thicknesses. These are applied by isolating one natural eyelash with a pair of specially designed tweezers before taking one single lash extension with a separate pair of tweezers, dipping the base lightly in glue and placing it carefully on the natural lash. Classic lashes are best for those who naturally have good lashes already or anyone who likes a more  look.

If you like the look of classic lashes but want something a little fuller and more dramatic you can get a flat/ellipse lash, these will be the same weight as a classic lash but have the appearance of a thicker lash, this is important because you don't ever want to apply to much weight to the natural lashes as this can cause damage. Your lash technician should be able to advise you what lashes will work best for you and will pick extensions in the appropriate length and thickness to avoid damaging the natural lash. 

Next up we have Russian volume lashes, these are for the girls that like a little more drama. For this technique, your lash artist will create individual handmade 'fans' from a strip of very fine lash extensions. It's a little tricky to describe but essentially your lash artist will create something that looks a little like those clusters of lashes that you can glue on yourself except they are much lighter and finer therefore safe to apply individually to each and every natural lash that you have giving very full and fluffy results. Russian volume lashes can be quite expensive but it's because you lash artist had to go through specific training to even be able to offer this service and they are handmaking each and every lash fan that goes on to each and every natural lash that you have. You will often see these kinds of lashes being described as 2D, 3D, all the way up to 6D, this refers to the number of lashes making up each fan. With this technique, you can create very full, dark and fluffy sets which are perfect for anyone who finds the classic individual lashes a little too natural.

Okay, so there are a couple of other options available the first being mega volume lashes, these are even finer than the lashes used for volume sets and allow you to create fans of more than 6 lashes which will give a very dramatic look, these ones aren't for the faint-hearted. There is also something known as hybrid lashes which is a mix of classic individuals and volume lashes, this would be good for those who want something a little more full than the classic set but want something a little cheaper than Russin volume.

Okay, so I hope you found this post useful, it's just a very brief overview of the different kinds of lashes that are available. I'm planning a post that will go more in-depth about the process of having your eyelashes done and the aftercare advice you should follow to keep your lashes healthy and your extensions looking their best.

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