Asda Beauty Review - Bubble Bath Essentials

Asda Bath Powder

A couple of weeks ago I stopped into my local Asda to do my weekly food shop and I spotted something new, a display filled with all sorts of bath and beauty products. As someone who loves a bubble bath, I was instantly intrigued and had to try out a few different items from the range.

There were bath bombs, bath soaps, bath gel-ee, face masks, bath oils, lip scrubs, bath powders and soaps in a range of different scents. I picked up a Whipped Bath Soap in Lavender and Lilac, Bath Powder in Sweet and Salty and a Bath Oil in Under the Sea. The prices range from £1-£5 and are currently on a 3 for 2 offer.

Asda Whipped Bath Soap

This is basically a solid bubble bath, you scoop some out and break it up under warm running water and it dissolves and creates bubbles. This has a lovely lavender scent although it's not super strong once it's in the water and it won't create a huge amount of bubbles but it's still something fun and a bit different, kids would probably love this.

Asda Bath Powder

This bath powder smells just like popcorn....yum! Like the bath soap it's not very strong smelling once it's in the bath but it will add some colour to the bath and once again it's something fun and different, it comes with a cute little scoop and would make a nice gift.

Asda Bath Oil

This bath oil looks really pretty and would look great sitting on a bathroom shelf, the scent is quite subtle but it's a nice addition to any bath if you're looking for something moisturising, I like to add in a few drops with my favourite bubble bath.

These products are really lovely little gifts/stocking stuffers and would be great for any young teenagers or anyone that loves pampering themselves. They are all reasonably priced and fun to use, they're never going to compete with the likes of Lush in terms of scent or quality but I don't think anyone would expect them to, once they're used up will I repurchase any of them......probably not but I will probably pick up some bath bombs in the future and I would buy them for my nieces as a gift and I think they would be great for a Christmas Eve box.

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