Femme Luxe Clothing Review

Femme Luxe White Shirt

I was recently contacted by the team at Femme Luxe and asked if I would like to create some content for them and review some of their products. This was really exciting as I rarely do fashion reviews so of course, I said yes!

Femme Luxe is an affordable fashion brand that offers all of the latest trends, very similar to other brands like Missguided and boohoo. For this collaboration, I was able to pick out 4 items from a selection of their clothing called 'Blogger Picks'.

Okay, so I'm going to go through each of the items I picked and give you my honest opinion before giving my final thoughts and general overview of the brand.

Before I begin I will mention that for all of these items I find the original pricing a bit too high, with the 50% off the price better matches the quality. From what I can see Femme Luxe does always have discounts and offers so you'll probably not need to pay the full amount anyway.

The first item I picked was Deanna a Black Cropped Loungewear Set in the size M/L (10/12). The price is currently £19.99 as it's 50% off (£39.98 originally). This loungewear set looked so cute online and I've really been wanting to pick up some loungewear for autumn/winter so this went straight in my basket. I wasn't too sure the cropped jumper would look good on me but I wanted to try something different. As I predicted the cropped jumper wasn't my favourite, the elasticated waist and shape of the neckline weren't the most flattering on me personally and I think I would have loved it more if it had a higher neckline. The trousers, however, look much more flattering and I could definitely see myself pairing these with lots of my own items, I love that they are high waisted and not too baggy as this means you can dress them up a bit and still look stylish. The sizing was pretty spot on with this set as I'm usually a size 10/12 and these fit just right.

Femme Luxe Black Cropped Loungewear Set

The second item was Maria, a Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set in the size S/M (8/10), currently £15.99 (£31.98 originally). Okay, I'll start by saying the sizing wasn't the best on this set, I could either choose an 8/10 or a 12/14 and as I just mentioned I'm usually a 10/12 so I wasn't sure which size to order and in the end I chose the 8/10 which does fit but is a little snug, the top, in particular, is a little smaller than I would usually choose as I like a more oversized fit. Anyway, despite the slight sizing issue, I do like this set, it's perfect for lounging around the house or running errands. The material is not very thick or luxurious but considering it's a set and only costs £15.99 (when discounted) I do think it's reasonable.

Femme Luxe Grey Loungewear Set

The third item I chose was Catriona, Black High Waisted Faux Leather Look Leggings in a size 10, they cost £11.99 (£23.98 originally). I really like these leather-look leggings, they are great for a night out and can really dress up a simple shirt or t-shirt. These leggings do fit well but may take a few minutes to put on as they are obviously very fitted but are also quite a thin material so I like to take a little extra time putting these on to make sure I don't rip or damage them but as I mentioned they look good and are very reasonably priced.

Femme Luxe Leather Look Leggings

The final item I picked was Iona, a White Polka Dot Fishnet Sleeve Shirt in a size 10 which costs £15.99 (£31.98 originally). This is definitely my favourite item of the bunch, this is a really pretty easy-to-wear shirt that can really dress up an outfit and it looks great with the leggings. I picked this up in a size 10 and it's a really nice fit, you can also pick it up in black which looks equally as pretty.

Femme Luxe White Shirt

Overall, I think Femme Luxe has some really lovely on-trend items, they aren't always the highest quality or super luxurious but everything is very affordable and allows you to try out something new and different without breaking the bank. I'll happily collaborate with Femme Luxe again in the future and try out some more items so keep your eyes peeled for future hauls/reviews.

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