NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Fix Jelly Mask Review

 NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Fix Jelly Mask.

I have another face mask review for you today, I do love to treat my skin at least once a week to some sort of mask or treatment and now that we are heading into winter more hydration is definitely needed so today we are talking about the NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Fix Jelly Mask.

I picked mines up from Superdrug, it costs £14.95 but you can often get it on some kind of deal, it contains 210ml of product which is a really nice generous sized tub. This mask claims to be "infused with a cocktail of hydrating, moisturising and skin-boosting ingredients to deliver the ultimate hydration and leave the skin radiant and refreshed".

 NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Fix Jelly Mask.

So let's get into my thoughts, the packaging is simple but effective, it's just a clear plastic tub but it allows you to see the bright red jelly texture of the mask which is very interesting and grabs your attention. The mask itself feels exactly as you would jelly, it goes onto the skin in quite a thick layer but if you only take a small amount you could really sheer it out and use it as an overnight treatment which I'm definitely going to try out.

When the mask is applied to the skin it feels very cooling and hydrating, it's designed to be left on the skin for 10-15 mins but I often apply it in the bath and leave if for as long as I feel I need to. It can be a little tricky to wash all of the mask off so I would recommend having a facecloth close to hand to make the whole process quicker and easier. Once it is rinsed off my skin feels really soothed, hydrated and plumped, I really enjoy using this mask and think it's perfect for this time of year when the weather changes and our skin can be left looking dry and dull, this mask helps bring back a little life to the face. I love using this mask the day after I use my Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask as the charcoal removes excess oil it can also leave my skin feeling that little bit drier and the jelly mask just balances everything back out.

 NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Fix Jelly Mask.

So, my overall opinion is that this is a great mask and definitely worth trying out if your skin is looking a little lacklustre and in need of a hydration boost.


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