Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick Review and Dupe

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick Dupe

I received the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick as a gift at Christmas and I've thought about writing a review ever since but today I noticed that it looked awfully similar to a lipstick that I already own so I decided why not share a quick review and my new found dupe for anyone looking for something similar on a budget.

Let's start with my thoughts on the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick, the packaging is stunning, it comes in a rose gold tube that feels very vintage and luxe. The lipstick itself has a soft matte finish that's really flattering and doesn't look or feel too dry. Pillow Talk is a nude pink shade that, according to Charlotte Tilbury suits almost all skin tones. I really love this as a daily lipstick as it gives you that 'your lips but better' look, it's really easy to wear and would go well with most make-up looks.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick Dupe
Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick Dupe

This lipstick costs £25 so it is expensive but if you do want something that feels a bit special or something that would make a good gift then I would recommend it but if you just want a similar shade with a smaller price tag then I've found a dupe! The Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Crayon in the shade Lead the Way is such a similar shade that when both are on the lips side by side it's difficult to tell the difference. I have looked closely at both of them and the Maybelline lipstick is very slightly darker and pinker than the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick but they both have that soft matte finish. Now the best part is the Maybelline lipstick is less than half the price at £9.99, so if you are on the lookout for a beautiful nude lipstick then you have something to suit any budget yaay!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick Dupe
Left - Maybelline, Right - Charlotte Tilbury

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Candle decorated with a rose quartz crystal and dried rose petals

Omorovicza Rose Quartz Roller Review

I have another skincare review today although this time we are talking about a skincare tool, the Omorovicza Rose Quartz Roller. Facial rollers have been everywhere recently, and almost every skincare enthusiast owns one so of course, I felt the need to get my hands on one as well.

I was lucky enough to be be given this roller as a gift for my birthday as it does cost £40 which is quite pricey but it is really lovely quality and I have heard that buying cheaper alternatives from websites like Amazon or eBay can mean you aren't actually getting genuine rose quartz crystal. 

Okay, so what are the benefits of using a crystal roller? They claim to help reduce puffiness, improve circulation, reduce wrinkles, add a radiant glow and help your skincare products absorb into the skin. This particular roller is made from rose quartz but you can get them made from other crystals and stones like jade and amethyst if you believe in crystals and the different healing properties they can have then that's another added benefit and can influence what type of crystal that you choose (rose quartz is said to help promote love, relationships, self-love and peace) and if you don't believe in any of that then you can just choose whatever crystal you think looks the prettiest, yaay!

I've been using this roller for a few months now and I really love it, it's great to use first thing in the morning to really cool the skin and get the circulation going. There are two different sides, a large roller for the face and neck and a smaller side that's great for around the eyes. I start with the sides of the neck in a downward motion before moving on to the face where I always roll up and out for lymphatic drainage. If you've never heard of lymphatic drainage there's loads of info online and videos that will show you exactly how to do it but basically, you use a gentle pressure along the skin to different points of the face to remove stagnant fluid and toxins, it's really good for depuffing and anyone who has sinus issues or feels a bit stuffy. It also helps the skin on the face to look tighter and more lifted, these results are temporary and right now I can't comment on any long-term benefits but if you want an even more intense lift to the face I would try Gua Sha instead of facial rolling and I have a post all about that right here!

If you want to really boost the cooling benefits then you can pop your crystal roller in the fridge for 10 minutes before you use it and you can also use it over a sheet mask to really push all those good ingredients into the skin and maximise the benefits.

I really like using this product and it's a great luxury addition to your skincare routine but it's definitely not essential so I wouldn't ever say that someone needs to go spend the £40 on this but if you are looking for a facial roller and aren't on a budget then that's when I would recommend the Omorovicza Rose Quartz Roller!