Lydia Hair Growth Supplement Review

Lydia Hair Growth Supplement

A few weeks ago someone from Lydia Hair Supplement got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try out their liquid supplement, I jumped at the chance because I've suffered from some hair loss on and off for the last year or two and I'm always looking for ways to improve the health of my hair.

This supplement costs £23.99 and is a one month supply, it claims to have 17 key hair-loving vitamins and minerals and aids faster-growing and fuller hair with less shedding. It's also vegan-friendly, gluten-free and made in the UK, yaay!

You take this supplement once a day by mixing 10ml in with some water, juice or a smoothie and it is recommended you have it with some food. I will say it has an almost luminous yellow colour and slight taste that I don't love but it's nothing offensive and I don't think you would notice it at all if you mixed it in with some juice.

Lydia Hair Growth Supplement

After finishing the one month course I've had a few compliments about how shiny my hair looks which is amazing because nobody ever comments on the shine from my hair and I'm also impressed with how much my hair has grown.

 I did forget to take the supplement quite a few times which was my bad and could possibly have reduced the efficiency of the product. My recommendation would be to have the bottle sitting somewhere that you'll see it every day and to try and take it as a part of your routine, for example, if you wake up every morning and drink a glass of water this would be the perfect time to add in your supplement so you don't forget it later on in the day.

I find it really hard to say if I have seen real results or if I'm just imagining things but my hair has been looking and feeling better and I haven't had any issues with my hair shedding whilst taking this supplement so I do think the product has worked. I do believe that you are meant to take this for three months to see the full results so overall I'm very happy with the results I have seen in the last month and would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve the quality of their hair or who have struggled with hair loss like myself.
Lydia Hair Growth Supplement Before and After
(Left - Before, Right - After_

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