14 Things To Do In Quarantine To Stay Busy

Things are pretty crazy at the minute, we are in the midst of a global pandemic which is unlike anything we have ever seen, due to this most of us are stuck at home, many of us no longer working and struggling fo things to do to pass the time. I've put together a list of some ideas that will hopefully keep you all sane during this difficult time.

1. Self-care - If there was ever a time to look after ourselves and invest in some much-needed self-care, it's now. This doesn't need to be all bubble baths and face masks, although I do highly recommend these, you can take this time to do some self-development, maybe start exercising, meditating, reading or journaling.

2. Digital Detox - It can be difficult to stay away from our phones at a time like this but try to set aside some time each day to put all the technology down, constantly keeping tabs on the news and what's happening can cause some serious anxiety, a digital detox can do wonders for your mental health even if just for an hour each day. 

3. Learn a new skill - We've got more free time than ever before why not make the most of it and teach yourself something new, this could be cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, painting, or any other kind of crafting. 

4. Open windows and let in as much natural light as possible - If you can it's great to actually go outdoors and get some exercise, whilst following government guidelines obviously, but when you are at home make sure you are letting in as much natural light as possible and open up those windows for some fresh air. It can be tempting at a time like this to go into hibernation and stay cooped up in the house but it's not good for our mental health if you can, sit outside in your garden maybe with your morning cup of tea and take a little moment for yourself.

5. Get dressed - By no means am I saying you need to get dressed every day, I love a day in my pyjamas as much as anyone but it can make you feel a little lazy and unmotivated, try to get up and get dressed even for just a few hours each day to try and keep some sort of normality. I also recommend occasionally doing your hair/make-up even if you aren't going anywhere, it'll make you feel good and it's a great time to try out some new looks, maybe master that winged eyeliner.

6. Create a morning/evening routine - Your usual routine has probably changed in some way even if you are still working and some of you who have been most affected may have no routine at all. We enjoy routine, most of us need it so create a new one even if it's only going to be temporary it can help to get you moving and feeling more motivated if you set out what you want to achieve every morning/evening. This doesn't mean you need to find loads of different thing to do every day, it can be a very relaxed routine, maybe that's exactly what you need. 

7. Have a clear-out - This is the perfect time to have a clear out,  you're probably more aware than ever of what actually matters to you and you can go as big or as small as you like with this maybe you purge your entire wardrobe or maybe you just finally clear out that junk drawer in the kitchen, either way having a clean and organised space helps to clear and calm the mind.

8. Make a list of everything you want to do when life goes back to normal - Writing down all the stuff you want to do when we are all able to carry on with our lives will give you something to look forward to, these can be small things, visiting family, going for a drink with a friend, anything!

9. Practice gratitude - I think this situation has shown us all just how much we take for granted so it's the perfect time to start practising gratitude, you can do this in different kinds of ways from journaling to waking up each morning and thinking about three things you are grateful for you just need to find what works best for you, it's a great way to start shifting your perspective and getting you to think more positively.

10. Find a bunch of new books to read/ podcasts to listen to - This is an obvious one, find things to read/listen to to help you pass the time. People often think they're too busy to sit down and read a book but it's a great way to stop thinking about everything that's going on whilst keeping you away from social media.

11. Start a blog/YouTube channel - If you have ever wanted to start a blog/podcast/YouTube channel this is the time, there's a ton of resources online showing you exactly how to do it and with everyone spending more time than ever online you've got the best chances of building an audience.

12. Start an online business - This is another one for all of you who have so many ideas and ambitions but never have enough time, now there's no excuse! You might think that with everything that's going on people don't have money to spend which will be the case for some but others will actually be better off now than they were before, there's still money to be made and opportunities to take (just don't be sleazy in your approach to selling and don't take advantage of others at a time like this). 

13. Take an online course - I've seen loads of offers for online courses and quite a few that are free so why not take this opportunity to learn something new, maybe you want to change careers or just find a new hobby there's something out there for everyone.

14. Stay in touch - Don't forget to check in with your loved ones, pick up the phone, send a text, make sure everyone's okay and look after each other.

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