How To Care For Your Nails


Okay, so we're all on lockdown and self-care is high up on everyone's to-do list so I thought I'd go over the basics of how to care for your nails, just some good simple tips and easy to find, budget-friendly products. 

The first thing you'll want to do is clean your hands and remove any old nail polish to make sure all dirt and oils are removed and prepare for next steps. Then cut back your nails to the desired length and use a file to remove any rough edges and give them a nice shape. I really recommend using a crystal nail file, I have one from Leighton Denny that I love, crystal files are great because the grit doesn't wear away so they can last forever and they give a super smooth finish to the nail edge. Then to finish off the prep push back the cuticles and scrape away any dead skin using a cuticle pusher.

Bonus Tip - If your hands are feeling particularly rough take some sugar and oil and mix them together to create a scrub, you could even add a drop of essential oil for fragrance.

Next, take some kind of nail conditioner/strengthener and add a couple of coats to each nail, I have a few different ones from Barry M and they are really reasonably priced and work great. To finish, I highly recommend using some cuticle oil and hand cream, I love the cuticle oil from Glitterbels, they have a bunch of different scents but I have peach and it smells great!

If you're looking for more long term ways to improve the quality of your nails then I highly recommend trying some kind of supplement like Biotin, I've tried out a few different hair supplements over the years (Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins, Lydia Love Locks Hair Supplement)  and I always find they really help strengthen my nails, it's usually where I first see results. 

Okay, so this is just a quick rundown of some advice and tips to look after your nails and help them to grow long and strong.

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