Femme Luxe Clothing Haul

Okay, so I've done a couple of these posts already so I'll keep the intro short, Femme Luxe gift me some items and I write up a review and post some content for them but as always all opinions are my own, so now that we've got that out the way let's chat about what I picked up!

I love this jumper, it's a beautiful shade of lilac/pink and the cropped style makes it perfect for changing seasons and different kinds of weather, it has that light springtime colour but it's also got that high neck to keep you warm so you could wear this in all kinds of weather which I love especially living in Scotland. I have noticed that most of the cropped items from Femme Luxe are very cropped this item isn't too bad but it's just something worth noting, some will love that, I personally like things to be that little bit longer so they meet up with my high waisted jeans and don't expose too much skin. I picked this up in a size L (10/12) and it fit perfectly.

Iris - White Knitted Crop Jumper
This little jumper is really cute, I like to wear it off one shoulder for that slouchy casual look. This is another item you could wear in different weather depending on how you style and layer it. It is very cropped and I would recommend wearing it with a strapless bra if you prefer to have nothing showing. I picked this up in a size M/L (10/12), I would say it is pretty true to size and fits great but if you prefer a more oversized fit like myself then you could probably go up a size, I was just hesitant to do this because of that off the shoulder style.

This is another really pretty coloured jumper which you can also pick up in black, grey, nude and green. I ordered a size L (10/12) and I'm not 100% sold on the fit of this jumper, one of the arms is tighter around the wrist than the other which is a little annoying and it is quite oversized so I think it would perhaps look better pulled in around the waist with a belt or sized down but I would be worried it would be too small around the wrists if sized down. 

I hope you enjoyed this little mini-review and I'll have another one for you in the next few weeks. As I've mentioned in previous posts Femme Luxe is an affordable brand offering you all of the latest trends so the quality isn't always the greatest but of course, you get what you pay for and Femme Luxe is all about bringing you on trend pieces at affordable prices.

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